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About Us

Happy & Gai is a young dairy product brand started in the year 2020, presenting the modern eating habits of new-age India. Dairy has been associated with basics in India- milk,yoghurt,paneer. With barely any innovation done to change the base product or the perception of its taste.

Paneer is a low fat form of the most authentic cheese produced globally. At Happy & Gai, our special team with their innovative skills have worked on the basics and has uplifted the simplicity of our own desi cheese while keeping the authenticity of the process intact to meet the standards and palettes of  its users.

Presently in India, paneer is being sold locally in open and packaged form which can have adulterations and compromised taste and texture, hence, we at Happy & Gai are committed to work passionately and produce the real artisanal paneer in its true soft texture and variety of flavours.

We also have explored more forms of fresh cheeses used globally to be produced in India to cater the price sensitive needs of the Indian market and meet up the expectation of modern India’s evolved palette and make it locally available with our local produce.

Keeping in mind that most dairy vendors are producing without any quality checks which can affect the health and nutritional value of the product, we are committed to work with only licensed vendors and conduct coaching sessions and regular visits of the facility to ensure the best quality raw material is used and the market is catered with fresh and good quality cheese.

Happy & Gai wants to target all age groups of the Indian Society and provide them with a quality product.